2001 China Jia B League Match Fixing

First example of indisputable match fixing in the history of Chinese football.


Where: China (Jia B League)

When: 2001

Duration: The final rounds of the 2001 Jia B League

Organizers: five teams (Chengdu Wuniu, Jiangsu Sainty, Changchun Yatai, Zhejiang Greentown and Sichuan Mianyang)

Perpetrators: five teams (Chengdu Wuniu, Jiangsu Sainty, Changchun Yatai, Zhejiang Greentown and Sichuan Mianyang)

Legal Repercussions: 

With the result having obviously been tampered with, the Chinese Football Association handed down its harshest punishment to date. The number of team promoted to Jia A was reduced from two to one. Coaches and players involved with the questionable matches were banned for a year. Despite no relegation having been planned, Sichuan Mianyang was demoted to division 2.

Meanwhile, the coaches of the five teams have been “revoked of coaching licenses” for one year and the five clubs are barred from introducing domestic players in 2002 and 2003.


With the exposure of the corruption, five Jia A teams, including the champions Dalian Wanda, as well as the Jia B team Guangzhou Geely had name changes when naming-sponsors ended sponsorship. Li Shufu, chief of Geely Group, was quoted as saying, “We won’t come back until Chinese soccer environment turns better.”

Unsatisfied with the punishment made by the CFA, Song Weiping, the president of Zhejiang Greetown, submitted a list of referees allegedly taking bribes to CFA, seeking to have names removed from future matches. Gong Jianping, the referee of the Changchun-Zhejiang match, was arrested for bribery charges unrelated to the final round, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.




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