The Gloveman: dreams, ambition, love, lust, corruption collide

A powerful drama about the lurking corruption of the sporting world.


Through the downfall of a British footballer who finds himself in the wrong company, The Gloveman delves into the illicit world of gambling and match fixing that exists just under the surface of the sporting world. However, this play is about much more than football and its potential for corruption. The Gloveman is about dreams and ambitions and how easily they can be de-railed by a corrupt world.

After winning a Golden Gloves award, champion goalkeeper Royce (Chris Argirousis) is on top of the world, but his happiness is soon undermined when manipulative match fixer Hugh (Chris Miller) comes along. With journalist Gabe (Janine Penfold) investigating his every move, Royce soon finds much more than his career on the line.

Hugh crosses the final line when he seduces Royce’s innocent and trusting sister Edith (Brinley Meyer) with hollow promises to take her to the big city and fulfill her dreams of fame. Royce and his local pub pals must devise a clever way to bring retribution to the match fixer.

CREDITS: Writer: C.J. Naylor, Producers: Chris Naylor & Stephen Carnell, Director: Michael Block.

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