Prosecutors investigate match-fixing claim in Austria

Public prosecutors in Austria have opened an investigation into an alleged attempt to fix the result of a football match involving SV Ried in the 2007-08 season.


Prosecutor Alois Ebner told the Austrian Press Agency that they are looking into claims made last week by Ried coach Oliver Glasner, who was the team’s captain seven years ago.

In an interview with the Kronen Zeitung newspaper, Glasner said he and his teammates turned down an offer of €50,000 ($56,800) each to deliberately lose the game, though Glasner didn’t reveal which match it was nor who tried to bribe them.

“The bribe came from a very high place, not a player, not the betting mafia…” he said. He added that it was the only time in his footballing career that he had been faced with betting fraud.

Last year scandal hit Austrian football with news of a betting scam led by former international Sanel Kuljić, involving the attempted manipulation of 18 domestic league games starting from 2004.

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