Sunday league football team becomes the smallest club ever convicted of match-fixing

They throw a game in order to stop their rivals winning the league.


A Sunday league football team has become the smallest club ever convicted of match-fixing – in a row dubbed ‘Pizza Gate 2’.

Peacehaven DPA, of Seaford, East Sussex, deliberately lost a game to stop their rivals AFC winning the league, it has been revealed after an FA probe.

The club and its manager Sean Ligocki were found guilty after the side deliberately let in a 95th minute goal in the Sussex Sunday Premier Division.

Boss Ligocki was banned from the game for five years and the club fined £750.

The crunch match was against Brighton’s Real Rosehill in May when both sides had a shot at winning the title.

Real needed victory by two goals and Peacehaven a draw.

With seconds left and Real 3-2 up, Ligocki is believed to have shouted ‘let them score’.

Peacehaven conceded a free-kick and Real walked the ball into the net, making sure their rivals AFC 2015 were robbed of the title.

AFC manager Ian South had allegedly insulted a Peacehaven player in the first game of the season, fuelling the dislike further.

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